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Sauna Belt

PKR 1500
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Sauna Belt Price in Pakistan

Sauna belt is also a tool for maintaining health and fitness. Sauna belt is made of a pad and a digital remote connected with it to regulate the temperature of the heater that is fitted insight the sauna belt sheet. You can use the sauna belt on the abdominal area, hip, thigh and shoulders. You can use sauna belt at anywhere and anytime in 24 hours. Before use the sauna belt you should drink one glass of water for optimizing working and for better results. It increases body metabolism and improves your body condition. There is no extra activity or exercise to use this belt, you can use it either you are working or not.
When you wear the sauna belt on your abdominal region you can control the belt temperature by the digital remote control connected with it and can adjust by your desire. When you increase the temperature of the sauna belt then your body starts to sweat and extra water of the body looses and your body gets in less burden condition and the weight of your body goes on decreasing.
By increasing the temperature the extra fat of your body starts to melts and you can easily get rid from the unwanted fat from your body tissue and organ surroundings. It is available in all over the country and you can order this product from any place and any time.