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Face Roller

PKR 2000
Old price : PKR 2500
Product Cost Rs: 2000
Shipping Cost Rs: 200
Order Total Rs: 2200

Face Roller Price in Pakistan

  • Confront roller.
  • Medicinal silicone material containing corrective mineral component
  • Rub consolidated with programmed vibration and manual vibration
  • Enhance skin movement and put off skin maturing
  • Smooth wrinkles, enhance skin gloss and versatility
  • Blur the sprinkle and therapist pore, discharge confront exhaustion
  • Enhance confront blood course and put off the maturing of cells, evacuate poison and feed confront
  • Refined appearance, convenient and simple to utilize
  • Battery 1.5v-AAA antacid battery(not included)
  • Material ABS tar.